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Theresa May to meet Arlene Foster in hope of finalising Tory/DUP deal – Politics live

Good morning. With the general election now more than two weeks behind us, and the Queen’s speech out of the way, Westminster politics seems to have slipped out of mega-crisis mode into, well, moderate-crisis mode. The front pages are no longer dominated by stories about a possible leadership challenge to the prime minister, but she is still facing severe challenges on multiple fronts. Three are going to dominate the news today.

1 – Brexit

Later today May will publish details for Brexit offer regarding the rights of EU nationals living in the EU. The initial response when she gave some details to EU leaders on Thursday was lukewarm. Here is our preview story.

2 – Tory/DUP deal

May is hoping to finalise the Tory/DUP deal today that will help to keep her minority government afloat. Here is our preview story.

3 – Grenfell Tower

The government is still struggling to cope with the consequences of the Grenfell Tower fire, and the inspections being carried out as a result that have discovered that another 60 tower blocks are unsafe because they are covered in combustible cladding. Alok Sharma, the housing minister, has been doing a round of interviews this morning to discuss the problem, but he hasn’t had an easy time.

From the Sun’s Steve Hawkes

From the Financial Times’ George Parker

From Newsnight’s Ian Katz

Here is the agenda for the day.

10.30am: Theresa May is due to meet Arlene Foster, the DUP leader, in Downing Street in the hope of finalising the Tory/DUP deal.

11am: Number 10 lobby briefing.

12pm: Iain Duncan Smith, the Conservative former work and pensions secretary, stands in for Jeremy Vine in his Radio 2 phone-in. He is hosting the programme all week.

2.30pm: Theresa May is expected to make a statement to the Commons about the UK’s Brexit proposals for the rights of EU nationals.

Around 4pm: MPs resume the debate on the Queen’s speech, with Brexit and foreign affairs the key topics.

As usual, I will be covering breaking political news as it happens, as well as bringing you the best reaction, comment and analysis from the web. I plan to post a summary at lunchtime and another in the afternoon.

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