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All-in-one classy shoes come with different swappable heels (Video)

© Mime et Moi

Many women seem to have an inexplicable obsession with shoes, whether they’re high heels, pumps, flats, strappy sandals, boots or wedges. Is it perhaps because shoes are a kind of status symbol? Or a way to express one’s personality and tastes? Or merely because they can be comfortable things to wear? Either way, on average, a woman own will about 21 pairs of shoes, 9 of which they never wear, and 5 of which have only been worn once.

That’s a lot of shoes out there, sitting unused. While some of us may try to minimize the problem by going completely minimalist and whittling that number down to a few or even one pair of shoes, that approach might not be realistic for everyone. The next best approach? Perhaps getting one pair of shoes that can transform into five different pairs?

That’s the idea behind German shoe retailer Mime & Moi, which offers a classy collection of convertible shoes that have swappable heels of different heights. See how it works:

© Mime et Moi © Mime et Moi © Mime et Moi

This magical swapping act is made possible by a patented "Flexheel" locking system hidden at the rear of the shoe. Say you want to transform your comfortable walking flats into something more suitable for a dinner date. To easily change the heel, all you have to do is press on a lever, pop out the heel, take another one and slip it on and press or click on it firmly, and volià, you’ve got the an almost entirely different style, thanks to a change in the height of of the heel.

© Mime et Moi © Mime et Moi © Mime et Moi

The heel inserts come in a variety of colours and heights (3, 7 and 10 centimetres) and three types (stiletto, block and superblock) can be easily carried in a handbag — meaning you don’t have to carry sneakers to the office for the trip home anymore. They are sold separately so you can choose only the ones you know you’ll wear.

© Mime et Moi © Mime et Moi

The shoe concept were crowdfunded successfully last year, and are made in a small factory in Spain. Priced starting at USD $200 for the base shoes alone and USD $45 for each pair of heel types, they aren’t cheap for a shoe — but it does make more sense if you factor in the versatility, long-wearing quality and the stylishness of the shoes. Instead of having too many shoes, you can have multiple types of shoes — heels, flats, in-between — in one. To see more, visit Mime & Moi.

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